We Service All Types of Equipment

Cars, Trucks Tractors, Motorcycles, Golf Carts, Construction, Agricultural and More!

Our Services

We repair starters, alternators and other electronic components for autos, trucks, motorcycles, construction equipment and farm machinery. We can provide original equipment (OEM) from the vehicle manufacturer, we can rebuild whatever you have so that it looks like new, or we can build you a custom solution. Just ask for what you need!

We Specialize in Custom Work

If you have something not listed on this page, just ask me and I can probably do it for you. I work on portable welder starters for a sub-contractor at a steel mill, I do oddball mo-ped starters for a cycle shop, and work on a variety of things from Harleys to garden tractors. I make customized battery cables, and sell blower motors for semi’s and heavy equipment for about half the price of other suppliers and dealers. Just ask for what you need!


We Stand Behind our Work

All our work is guaranteed for parts and labor at least one year. Sometimes we are able to guarantee it even longer. depending on where I get the materials.

We use US and Canadian Parts

We do not use cheap foreign-made parts. Everything we use is high quality and US- or Canadian-made. If there are no US or Canadian parts to fit your repair, you will be notified and asked to approve getting them from a different source. That will only be done as a last resort.